The Zelinsky Collection on DVD

A 68 minute dvd video tour featuring highlights of the Musée Mécanique.

The world is enriched by men like Edward Galland Zelinsky; collector, restorer, and preserver of fascinating automata... marvelous machines whose only purpose is to amaze and delight. His collection includes hundreds of musical and mechanical machines that bewitch the eye with their beauty and craftsmanship. Some are over a century old, and some so cleverly restored they seem to be ageless.

Edwards son, Daniel Galland Zelinsky... a fifth generation San Franciscan and a second generation collector... oversees the exhibit, and is a primary force in its expansion. Peep shows (early San Francisco scenes/bawdy comedy), fortune tellers, photo booth, and several games of chance and skill are among the many arcade attractions with several nickelodeons, music boxes and the original mechanical farm. A hand crafted carnival is fully automated... dozens of fascinating attractions and distractions including a sensational 1914 San Francisco exposition gypsy fortune teller. And of course, Laughing Sal. Any worn or broken parts are manufactured on the premises in our machine shop and most repairs are done in house by the Musée Mécanique staff.

Whether to revisit your childhood memories or to create new ones, this historic collection offers a smile to all ages.

$19.95 (+$5.65 U.S. s/h, $13.65 international -up to 4 dvd's +CA residents pay 8.5% sales tax)

The Zelinsky Collection DVD

Videos Include:

*Shot Entirely At The Cliff House

See Sal